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Girls Minors Softball Rules


  • Games will be played at Huntertown ballpark Diamond 2.
  • Pitching distance is 35 feet. Distance between bases will be 60 feet.
  • An 11” optic yellow softball will be used.
  • Teams will not use the infield to warm up prior to start of the game, Use the batting cages, tennis courts, outfield ares, ect. They may however, take ground ball in foul territory just prior to start of game.
  • At game time if one team is fielding less than 7 players, the coaches and umpires will organize the teams so that the attending players can play a game that night.


  • Games will be more fun if umpires, coaches, and players hustle the game along between innings.  HUSTLE IN – HUSTLE OUT! PLAYBALL!
  • Game length is 70 minutes or 5 innings max. We will play the full 70 minutes, once that time expires the game is over no matter what team is batting.
  • Official score is to be kept by the home team, including score board. The league does not track standings (wins/loses) in minors.
  • With 2 outs the catcher may (and is recommended) receive a courtesy runner. The courtesy runner is the last out made.
  • Neither infield fly or dropped third strike is used in minors.
  • Two coaches are allowed to be on the field between the foul lines while their team in on defense.
  • Plastic cleats or tennis shoes will be worn.


  • Coaches must demonstrate respect can courtesy towards the umpires at all times, as well as ensure that their players are doing the same. You are setting an example for the girls on how to act.
  • Coaches/Umpires if there is an issue with a spectator, please let the board member on duty know and they will take care of issue.


  • All players will be placed in the batting order. Coaches are to change the line up from game to game.
  • Each ½ inning is over when the offensive team goes through their batting order completely once or when the defensive team gets 3 outs.
  • Batting helmets must be worn by all players while on deck, hitting, and running the bases.
  • Hit by pitch rule: The batter will be awarded first base if they are hit by a pitch (not thrown by a coach) and the following criteria is met; (1) The batter made an attempt to avoid being hit by the pitch. (2) The batter was not positioned in the strike zone and the pitch would have been a strike. (3) The batter did not attempt to swing at the pitch. In the case where the batter swings at the pitch and she is hit by the ball, the ball is dead and a strike is called. If the batter does not make an attempt to avoid being hit by the ball the pitch is called dead and the umpire calls either ball or strike (if the ball is in the strike zone.
  • Coaches are encouraged to make the players swing. The strike zone is from knees to shoulders.


  • Leading off, once the ball crosses the plate, is allowed at the runner’s own risk. Lead offs are not allowed when coaches are pitching. If the defense makes a play on the runner leading off then the runner may advance 1 base max.
  • Collision avoidance rule is in effect. Any runner going to a base where the defense PLAYER IS IN POSSESSION OF THE BALL, the runner must slide or attempt to avoid contact with the defense player. If the runner collides with the defense player in POSSESSION of the ball the runner is out.


  • Full catchers gear required
  • 10 players can play at one time. Regular infield positions plus 4 outfielders.
  • Coaches are encouraged to change defensive positions throughout the game.


  • All pitchers must wear a protective facemask. No exceptions.
  • No player may pitch more than 2 inning per game. One pitch in an inning constitutes an inning pitched.
  • The pitcher circle is defined by an 8 ft. radius around the pitcher’s rubber. The play is considered to be dead when the ball is stopped inside the circle, whether it is controlled or not, the runners may not advance.
  • Balls and strikes will be called by the umpire. No walks will be given for 4 balls.
    • If the count reaches 4 balls the offensive teams coach will take over pitching assuming the count is 4-0, 4-1, 4-2 with the umpire only now calling strikes.
    • The batter at the plate can then either hit a ball int fair play or strike out.
    • After 3 consecutive “walks”, 4 ball counts, or 4 total “walks” in an inning the offensive teams coach will pitch the remainder of the ½ inning.
    • When bases are loaded no hit by pitch walks will be allowed.
    • Coaches are encouraged to pitch in a manor to avoid an arch the “lob ball effect”.
    •  If the team has no pitchers available then the coach should pitch.
    • Pitcher must start with at least one foot in-contact with the pitching rubber.
    • Both feet must be with in the width of the rubber.
    • No intentional walks, pitcher must try to throw strikes.


  • Teach your players to play with good sportsmanship. Encourage your players to cheer for their teammates regardless of their ability or skill level.
  • Players and coaches should avoid remarks which might be insulting or humiliation to players on their team or to the opposing game.
  • If any coaches exhibit bad behavior, they may be given a 1 game suspension. This will be determined by the Lions Club.
  • Coaches are responsible for the care and return of equipment.

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Huntertown Lions Club Baseball and Softball

PO Box 124 
Huntertown, Indiana 46748

Phone: 260-267-5538
Email: [email protected]
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