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Co-ed T-ball Rules

The T-Ball program is intended to teach the players the fundamentals of the game, foster good sportsmanship, and initiate team play.  In keeping with this theme, we will not keep team records or league standings.


1.  Bases will be set at 50 feet.

2. The pitching rubber will be set at 30 feet.


1.  When a ball is thrown from the outfield and breaks the plane of the baseline, the ball is dead.

2.  Arm motion from the infielder throwing to home is a dead ball. 


1.  The Lions Club will do everything possible to have competent umpiring.

2.  All protests must be written and filed with the Lions Club within 24 hours.  Protests will not be received or considered if  based solely upon a decision involving the accuracy of judgment of an umpire.


1.  A catcher will not be used

2.  Standard number of infield players.  Additional players are outfielders.

3.  Home team gets 3rd base dugout.

4.  A team gets one warning from the plate umpire per game for throwing the bat.  The second occurrence, the batter will be called out.

5.  The pitcher will not be allowed to leave the mound until the ball is hit.

6.  The first and third basemen will not be allowed to play more than two feet inside the respective bases. (A hash mark will be provided.)

7.  If a team can’t field at least 7 players the coaches are expected to arrange the players so a game can be held for those in attendance.

8.  Coaches are expected to rotate player positions at least once a game.

9.  In case of injury, the umpire has the discretion of stopping play and declaring dead ball.


1.  Batter’s helmets must be warn at bat and when on bases.

2.  With pitcher on mound and after forward arm motion, the batter should swing

3. Any ball hit within 8 foot circle is a foul ball.

4. There will be no strike outs in t-ball.

5.  The ball will be hit off a tee and the batter must take a full swing.

6.  There will be no positioning of batter by coach.

7.  Any personal bats brought to the game may be used by both teams.


1.  No lead offs will be allowed.

2.  One base on overthrown ball unless the ball is in playable area.

3.  The umpire will remove the tee when a play is to be made at home plate.


1.  The game will consist of 5 full innings or one hour, whichever is shorter.

2.  In the event of rain, a full game consists of 3 innings or more.

3.  Each 1/2 inning will consist of complete roster batting or 3 outs, whichever comes first.


1.  Players are to be seated on the bench, use good sportsmanship, and to avoid yelling at opposing players.

2.  Coaches are to exhibit good sportsmanship and character at all times.

3.  Teams should clean up the dugout and surrounding area after the game.

4.  As a courtesy to the other team, in a bases loaded situation the defensive team should not continually make the force out at home. Teach the players to take the out at first also.


1.  Each coach is responsible for the care and return of the equipment to the storage room.

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Huntertown Lions Club Baseball and Softball

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Huntertown Lions Club Baseball and Softball

PO Box 124 
Huntertown, Indiana 46748

Phone: 260-267-5538
Email: [email protected]
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