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Girls Junior Softball Rules


1. Pitching distance will be 40 feet

2. Bases will be 60 feet



1. The Lions Youth Committee will do everything possible to have competent umpiring.

2. Protests will not be received or considered if they are based solely upon a decision involving the accuracy of judgment on the part of an umpire.

3. A protest based on rule interpretation must be written and filed with the Lion Youth Committee within 24 hours. The decision of the Youth Committee is final.

4. League directors and head umpire will be responsible to call games off in event of rain. Rained out games will be rescheduled as early as possible as per preseason directions.

5. Head coaches are allowed to respectively address the umpire during the game. Assistants are not allowed to talk to the umpires during the game. Bench jockeying by coaches or players from the dugout area will not be allowed.  Bench jockeying is when a vociferous player, coach, or manager makes a specialty of baiting or harassing the umpires or opposing players, usually from the bench or dugout area.



1. A limit of 6 runs may be scored in one inning.

2. All girls will be placed in the batting order but only 9 players will play defense at a time.

3. A regular season game will be five innings or less. In a game called by the umpires because of field conditions three innings will constitute a game (2 ½ innings if the home team is ahead). An incomplete game will be finished from where the game was called.

4. A regular season game will consist of 5 innings or less. No inning shall begin after 1 hr. 5 minutes, The next inning shall begin immediately when the third out has been recorded in the bottom half of the previous inning.

5. A team fielding fewer than seven players will forfeit the game.

6. The infield fly rule will not be called.

7. The designated home team gets the third base dugout.

8.  A batter’s helmet will be worn by all players while at bat and on base. Full catcher’s gear is required.

9. All practices should be attended unless excused in advance or in the event of illness. Coaches have the authority to take disciplinary action against the player for repeated failure to show up at practice.

10. We will not observe the ten-run rule to end a game.

11. No picking up players from other leagues.  You must play with players from your roster.

12. Every attempt will be made to start the game on time. Coaches are to have their teams ready to play on time.

13. Home team is to arrange for an adult to run the scoreboard.

14. Teams will not warm up on the infield prior to the game. Warm ups should be in the outfield, the batting cage, tennis courts, etc.  Teams may, however, take grounders in foul territory just prior to taking the field.



1. The strike zone will be from the knees to the shoulders. Coaches are encouraged to make batters swing at the ball while at the plate.

2. Bunting/slap bunting will be allowed.

3. Only softball bats approved by the Lions Youth Committee may be used.

4. A foul ball on the third strike will not be an automatic out.

5. Hit by Pitch Rule: A batter will be awarded first base if they are hit by the pitch AND the following criteria is met: (1) The batter made an attempt to avoid being hit by the pitch, (2) The batter was not positioned in the strike zone (and the pitch was a strike), and (3) The batter did not attempt to swing at the pitch. In the case where a batter swings and the pitch hits her anyway, the ball is dead and a strike is called. If the batter does not attempt to avoid the pitch, she is not awarded first base, and the pitch is ruled either a strike if in the strike zone or a ball if out of the strike zone.

6. A team gets one warning from the plate umpire per game for throwing the bat. Upon the second occurrence, the player will be called out.

7.  Batters will not be allowed to run on a dropped third strike.

8.  Batters must wear a helmet with a facemask.



1. Stealing of bases will be allowed, including home.  Runners may lead off upon the release of the ball by the pitcher.  After 1 team warning, runners leaving early will be called out.

2. The Collision Avoidance Rule will be in effect. This rule is in force for any runner at any base where the ball is in the glove (in possession) of the fielder and she is attempting to make a tag. In this instance, the runner must slide or attempt to avoid a collision with the fielder. If not, the runner is out.

3. With 2 outs only the catcher may and is encouraged to receive a courtesy runner.



1. Starting pitcher may re-enter once. Sub pitcher may not re-enter.

2. The number of warm up pitches between innings will be limited to 2 pitches.

3. All pitchers will wear facemask.

4. No intentional walks. The pitcher must try to pitch strikes.

5. The strike zone will be from the knees to the shoulders.

6. One or both feet must be in contact with the rubber when the pitching motion starts.

7. Both feet must be within the vertical plane of the rubber when the pitching sequence starts.



1. Players are to be seated on the bench to show good sportsmanship, and are to avoid yelling at opposing players.  Players showing unsportsmanlike behavior might receive a 1 game suspension. This will be determined by the Lions Club.

2. Coaches are to exhibit good sportsmanship and character at all times. Show respect to the game, your opponents, the umpires, fans, and players. Bad behavior of coaches might result in a 1 game suspension.  This will be determined by the Lions Club.

3.** Clean up the dugout and surrounding area after the game or practice**.



1. Each coach is responsible for the care and return of equipment.

2. If a player throws any equipment (hat, helmet, bat, etc.) the team is warned and on the second offense the player is ejected.



1. A seeded, single elimination tourney will be conducted at the end of the regular season. The top seeded team will have the choice of being home or visiting team.

2. In the event of a regular season tie, a single elimination play-off will be held to determine league champion if an agreeable time can be worked out by the coaches involved and the league rep.

3. Trophy awards will be given individually to the league and tourney champions.

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Huntertown Lions Club Baseball and Softball

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Phone: 260-267-5538
Email: [email protected]
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