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Girls Lob Softball Rules

Huntertown Lions Softball
Lob Softball (Ages 6-7)

The Lob Softball division is intended to teach players the fundamentals of the game, foster good sportsmanship, and initiate team play. In keeping with this theme, game scores and team records will not be kept.

Standards of Play

  • Games will be played at Huntertown ballpark on Diamond 4

  • Distance between bases is 55 ft. The pitching distance is 35 ft. Outfield fence depth of 100 ft.

  • Tee ball style bats and 11” optic yellow Safe-T-Soft softballs


  • Umpires have been provided appropriate training–Calls made by the umpire are final.

  • Disagreements with an umpire's call may only be made by a prespecified coach, and only in a respectful manner.

General Game Rules

  • If a team fields fewer than 7 players, teams should share players so that a game may still be played

  • Every player will be in the batting order and on defense. Coaches must rotate players on defense.

  • Games end after 5 innings or 60 mins (hard stop). A half inning ends when the batting team bats all their players in the lineup or when accruing three outs. Teams must declare when their last batter is up.

  • The designated home team uses the third base dugout.

  • Coaches will pitch to their own players.

  • A dead ball is called by the umpire: (i) When the initial play is determined to be over, (ii) the ball is in the pitcher’s possession within the 8 foot radius of the mound, (iii) Batter is hit by a pitch (no base is awarded), (iv) in the event of an injured player (umpire’s discretion) or (v) overthrow to first when ball doesn’t leave the infield.

  • Position-specific requirements: (i) The pitcher (player) may not leave the mound area until the pitched ball is put in play, (ii) Catcher must wear full gear, (ii) 1st & 3rd Basemen must play at least 2 feet away from their base, (iv) 2nd baseman and Short-Stop may only play just in front of the base path, and (v) Outfielders (all remaining players) should be spread around evenly

  • If injured/ill, a player skipped in the batting lineup is not out. They may re-enter the game.

  • Helmets must be worn by players while on deck, at bat, and on base. Only one player may be on deck.


  • The strike zone will be from the knees to the shoulders and slightly off the plate on either side.

  • Bases will not be issued for walks, hit batters, or catcher’s interference. However, after a 2nd strike is called, the batter will be given no more than 3 more pitches to hit before an out is called.

  • A team gets one warning per game if a bat is thrown. Subsequent occurrences will be an out.


  • Base runners may not lead off and no base steal attempts are allowed.

  • Only one extra base is allowed on a defensive overthrow/misplay (no additional bases on a subsequent overthrow)

  • Base runner must slide or attempt to get around the fielder if they’re in possession of the ball


  • Coaches are responsible for the care and return of the gear bag to the shed after the day’s last game

Civility & Team Courtesy

  • Players, coaches and spectators are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship and show courtesy at all times.

    • The league has ZERO tolerance for anyone acting in a threatening nature at any Huntertown Lions event. 

    • Any player, coach, or spectator who violates the above, or who acts or speaks in a socially inappropriate manner (e.g. derides, baits, harasses, intimidates, etc.) to anyone, including the umpire, may be ejected from the game and expelled from the property. The Club investigates all incidents and further disciplinary action may be imposed. 

  • All players must clean up the dugout and surrounding area after the game or practice.

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Huntertown Lions Club Baseball and Softball

PO Box 124 
Huntertown, Indiana 46748

Phone: 260-267-5538
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Huntertown Lions Club Baseball and Softball

PO Box 124 
Huntertown, Indiana 46748

Phone: 260-267-5538
Email: [email protected]
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