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Girls Senior Softball Rules

1.  Every player will be placed in the batting order.  Free substitution will be used, except for the pitcher.  The starting  pitcher may re-enter the game at that position one time during the game.  All other pitchers may not re-enter the game as a pitcher.

2.  Fewer than seven (7) players will result in a forfeit.  In this event players may be shuffled so a game can be played. If a team is short players they can bring a player up from junior as long as they do not end up with more than 9 players.

3.  If a game is called due to weather conditions 4 innings will be a complete game (3 1/2) if the home team is ahead.  An incomplete game will be finished from where the game is called.

4.  Any player, coach or spectator ejected from the game will automatically be suspended for the next game.

5.  A regular season game will consist of 7 innings or less.

·       No inning shall begin after 1 hour 20 minutes. The next inning or half-inning shall begin immediately after the third out has been recorded in the bottom of the previous inning or half-inning.

·      Each inning will be played to its entirely--unless the inning is entering the bottom of the inning, the home team is leading, and it is beyond the end of regulation.

6.  Nine players will be placed on the field at one time (standard infield, 3 outfielders).  All players will be played in the field for at least 6 outs.

7.  The ten run rule after five innings will be observed.

8.  The runner is out when she fails to keep contact with the base until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.

9.  The Collision Avoidance Rule will be in effect. This rule is in force for any runner at any base where the ball is in the glove (in possession) of the fielder and she is attempting to make a tag. In this instance, the runner must slide or attempt to avoid a collision with the fielder. If not, the runner is out.

10.  A limit of 8 runs may be scored in one inning.

11. *** Clean up the dugout and surrounding area after the game or practice.***

12. Batters must wear a helmet with a facemask.

13. Teams will not use the infield to warmup.  Use the batting cage, the outfield, tennis courts, etc.  They may, however, take grounders in foul territory just prior to taking the field.

14.  Pitchers must wear a facemask.

15.  Steel cleats will be allowed.

16.  Protests will not be received or considered if they are based solely upon a decision involving the accuracy of judgment on the part of an umpire.

17. Pitchers will be given just 2 warm up pitches between innings.

18. The current High School rule book will be in effect if the situation is not covered here.

19. Hit by Pitch Rule: A batter will be awarded first base if they are hit by the pitch AND the following criteria is met: (1) The batter made an attempt to avoid being hit by the pitch, (2) The batter was not positioned in the strike zone (and the pitch was a strike), and (3) The batter did not attempt to swing at the pitch. In the case where a batter swings and the pitch hits her anyway, the ball is dead and a strike is called. If the batter does not attempt to avoid the pitch, she is not awarded first base, and the pitch is ruled either a strike if in the strike zone or a ball if out of the strike zone.

20.  Head coaches are allowed to respectively address the umpire during the game. Assistants are not allowed to talk to the umpire during the game.  Bench jockeying by coaches or players from the dugout area will not be allowed.  Bench jockeying is when a vociferous  player, coach, or manager makes a specialty of baiting or harassing the umpires or opposing players, usually from the bench or dugout area.

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Huntertown Lions Club Baseball and Softball

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Phone: 260-267-5538
Email: [email protected]
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